“Vote for Pedro”… Or, whomever

This is a Democratic Nation, one where we all have the right to vote (if you are atleast 18 years of age that is).  I wouldn’t normally post a political blog, but seeing how its the week of the Presidential elections, I feel its important for everyone to exercise their right to vote. We all suffer, or gain from the decisions made by our government, so its our responsibilty to be active with our rights.

Most people are probably ready for the election to be over… And even I must admit, I would like the voting to just be on with, and lets start building towards a brighter future.  Well, election day is Tuesday November 6th, so the end is near. Hopefully just for the election, and not our country, our planet, and our species.. A bit dramatic?

Ultimately, the major issues in most elections are the economy, jobs, the environment, taxes, foreign policy, foreign wars, and pretty much ‘what can you do for me?’  So I encourage EVERYONE to do some research, find a candidate that represents your needs and desires, what’s important to you, and vote. For your right…

So what does this post have to do with outdoors, adventure? Or does it have anything to do with it at all? Of course the election has something to do with those things. Think about it, some parties want to open drilling in our National Parks, National Monuments, and the sacred places in our country, that have since been OFF limits to energy companies. The energy companies and private industry will always put profit ahead of human lives… The fact is BIG oil companies have a strangle hold on Washington. And the only weapon the people have to combat this, is your voice.

Remember, what creates jobs is a HEALTHY middle class that has spending power. There is NOT 2 sides to fact, employers don’t hire people they don’t need to. Jobs are created when a companies volume is up and they need a larger work force to keep up with supply and demand.

Global Climate change is clear, it is real. And the only way to slow it, is start now. Stop being so dependant on Carbon Fossil Fuels, find new energy sources that are RENEWABLE. If you don’t think its real, explain the super storms the world has seen in just the past decade alone? The 2004 Earthquake/Tsunami in Thailand (Indian Ocean), Hurricane Katrina in 2005, European Heat wave in 2006, the 2008 Earthquake in China, the Earthquake/Tsunami in Japan in 2011, 2011 Tornado in Alabama, and now Hurricane Sandy in 2012…

It’s thought that around 90% of the suns energy is reflected by the ice/glaciers in the Northern & Southern Hemisphere. As the ice retreats, more and more every year, the Earth’s temperatures continue to rise. Two years ago, in SLC we had record snow fall (great for snowboarding/skiing), but last year was record high temps and low snow fall. Glacier National Park use to have 150 glaciers, now it has just 26…

And then there’s the issue of war, or foreign wars… I suppose you have to make your own decisions on what America should or shouldn’t do on this issue. No matter where you stand on these issues, or other issues our country faces.  Please exercise your right to vote and raise your voice to let the politicians know what the people want..  It’s your right, your privilege, ultimately, it’s your RESPONSIBILITY!

Here are a few links to some climate issues, and enviromental issue, as this is actually an outdoor/adventure blog:




As always, thanks for reading


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