A weekend in the Emerald City

Last weekend I spent a few days in the Emerald City…  Seattle.  I went up there to see a University of Utah football game, hang out with friends and see family, eat some good food, drink beer and coffee.  For the most part, the weekend was a complete success.  I made it to almost every site I wanted to see, and every event I was in town for.  I was even able to meet up with my friend Jacalyn Gross for some plastic pulling at the Seattle Bouldering Project.

As you can see, I did make it to the see the Space Needle, from the base anyways. While all my friends I came to Seattle with went to see the glass exhibit, and take a trip up to the deck of the Space Needle, I was bouldering at the SBP.

Although I didn’t climb as well as I would have hoped, I did come close to sending a few V6 problems, and did send some V5.  Jacalyn and I were only at the climbing gym for about an hour and a half, but it was totally worth the trip just to see how gyms outside the state of Utah stack up… And I must say, the SBP does not disappoint.  With over 20,000 square feet of bouldering walls, 16″ thick pads to crash on, and boulder problems for all levels.  This gym definitely rivals any other bouldering gym I’ve climbed.

The area I chose to spend pretty much every morning I was in Seattle, was Pike Place market.  With some of the best restaurants I visited.  Fresh fish, fruit and vegetables, the most amazing souvenirs and an array of unique people to meet and fraternize with.  Pikes is also home to the Gumwall Alley, and the famous fish toss.

On Veterans Day, I met a really cool vet named Bruce, he was playing his guitar in front of the world’s first Starbucks.  I listened to an awesome anti-war song that Bruce played, then I introduced myself, Gave him $5 and bought one of his cd’s.

  And I also met this amazing artist Graham in the market center. He is holding the piece of Black light art I purchased. I hate to put a price on anyones art, but some deals are too good to pass up.

Although the game didn’t turn out as good as we hoped, it was still fun spending time with friends, and seeing family.  And I was actually one of the most well-behaved during the game. Though I did have to step between my dad and a Washington fan.  And the beer was gooooood!!

I didn’t make it to the Experience Music Project, (my one regret).  But all together it was a pretty solid trip.  Filled with amazing seafood, a constant buzz and I even got in a little climbing.  Seattle is one of the only other places I could live, other than SLC.  And I have already decided, I will be revisiting the Emerald City next summer, as well as Glacier national Park and Olympic National Park….  As always, thanks for reading


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