My first snow weekend, and search for happiness

Top of Snowbird... Photo by Willie Saunders

Top of Snowbird… Photo by Willie Saunders

As I stood atop Hidden Peak, looking out over Snowbird Resort at 11,000 ft.  I came to the realization, time can stand still for the moment.  If only in our minds, our youth becomes infinite, and the future’s that we hoped for, have become realities…

When the weekend of December 7th started, I was less than psyched for the winter season, trying to build my snowboarding passion again, when all I wanted to do was climb.  Though the canyons near SLC were full of snow, and I was too poor to take a trip south (with Christmas coming, I had to be responsible).  So climbing seemed out of the question, unless I wanted to go indoors and hit up The Front Climbing Club, which I did.  My strength had advanced a level with my 90 day trial of physical activity being over, I had noticed a significant difference in my climbing strength.  At the gym I was now sending V6 regularly, and projecting (eventually sending) V7.  I was getting excited, ready to train for next year, and had my goal set out…  I was totally going to send 5.12’s again.  Thus I had not yet touched snow, so plans would soon be changing.

Snowshoeing at Brighton... Photo by Shawn Parry

Snowshoeing at Brighton… Photo by Shawn Parry

I met up with Shawn, Haley & her good friend Scott at Teton Sports showroom.  We piled our gear into 2 vehicles and headed up BCC to Brighton.  I was unsure what to expect, as I had never been shoeing before.  Shawn & I decided to pack our boards with us and return down the mountain via shredding.  This proved to be much tougher than I had expected,  Shawn had to bail me out and carry more board the second half (which I totally appreciated).  At one point, my shoes became entangled and hooked one another, and I just tumbled down the embankment… To everyone’s satisfaction.

My inept ability to snowshoe... Photo by Haley Dahle

My inept ability to snowshoe… Photo by Haley Dahle

     Though the idea of boarding down seemed better than the actual act.  We probably should havehiked higher, because where we tried to start was too deep, and not steep enough.  I could barely get myself going, shoeing out might have been easier.  Shawn & I got back to the vehicles about 5 minutes before Haley & Scott did.  But I must say, I am convinced that after the Christmas holiday is over, I am investing in a pair of snow shoes.  We finished the day off with a HUGE burrito at Hector’s (Shawn’s great idea), highly recommend it.

Shawn & I binding up for our one board run... Photo by Haley Dahle

Shawn & I binding up for our one board run… Photo by Haley Dahle

The following day, I joined my best friend Jeremy Arnold, his dad Mike, and my good friend Willie Saunders for some riding at Snowbird Resort.  I have to admit, having not the most stellar first run of the season yesterday, I was pretty intimidated.  Not to mention, I had never boarded Snowbird  before, and it look really STEEP.  I quickly regained some confidence with a great first run of the day, keeping up with all the more experienced skiers I was with.  I had a feeling, this was going to be a great day.

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     Unfortunately, Mike & I both had a pretty good wipe out at the bottom of a steep run, the visibility was minimal, and somehow, we both tweaked our right shoulders.  Maybe because I’m younger, I was able to finish the day, and my arm was fine the following day.  Mike on the other hand, got in about 3 more runs, then bailed.  Jeremy said his arm was in a sling the next morning at work…Old guys just can’t hang like they use to.  All joking aside, it was AWESOME having him along, and I’m glad he is ok.  Mid day, we decided to take a break and get a beer.  And I had brought my Bear Creek chicken noodle soup inside my Klean Kanteen to see how it well it kept nourishment warm…  As I expected, it did not disappoint.  I will be doing a review of this fine product soon (hopefully).

These guys look cold

These guys look cold

   To top off my wonderful weekend of sweet powder, I took advantage of Brighton’s first evening of night boarding.  Joining me was my good friends Steve Weiss & Shawn Parry.  I had finally gotten my groove back, actually feeling the snow beneath me, I remembered why I chose this sport in the first place.  It was an epic night, filled with many amazing runs, and good friends.  I wouldn’t trade these moments for anything.   I find when the summer comes, and all the snow is gone, I just desire one more sweet powder day.  But midway through summer, I’m back to my first love of the outdoors… Climbing.  So get out there, shred powder, whether it’s boarding or skiing, or just snow shoeing.  Make the most of this time you have with nature…  Be victorious, even at the most simple of personal achievements.

see, I did carry my board up part the way

see, I did carry my board up part the way

     I leave you know, with some words I felt inspired to distich together, directly motivated by this awesome weekend in the snow…

And though happiness seems fleeting, it’s a reach to claim that I’ve achieved this…  It is a constant battle, I struggle through the search, and fight to change what I once was.  But in the end I will find peace, living my life long dream…  And for the first time, I can truly say, I’m happy.

Mr. Steve W. Weiss Niche board

Mr. Steve W. Weiss Niche board

    Today we chase our dreams, live for the moment, and worry not…  For the future is infinite.