Search for truth in Life

pc2 977     Upon changing my point of view… I began to realize, I could now see life from a new perspective. It tasted like joy, and felt similar to the dreams I once owned as a child. I enforced the thought, that I controlled my happiness. And the future was before me, I just had to choose the path. A release of all the darkness & pain… I wanted to live again, and share my experiences with those who are passionate about the collective ideas that life was beautiful. I longed to be free and distance myself from all that was thought to be “normal”.pc2 969

     Through this choice, I found that Inspiration can come in many forms… I was inspired by my own motivation to fill the void that lived so long in my heart. Touching bottom, I realized there was no place to go but up. And I was positive, I wouldn’t remain a bottom feeder. Picking myself back up, I discovered someone who could be proud of me… The answer was ME!  Realization overwhelmed my thought that life is beautiful, and loving yourself is special. Especially when you feel no one else does. I had decided that I would exist for me. And to motivate  myself to be happy, touch lives and smile for no reason.
 pc2 2550
“The Jewel is in the Lotus”- Meaning the Jewel being happiness, and the Lotus being the world around you…
     I’d be lying if I said it was easy for me. You see, to some people the simplest thing in the world, is the hardest thing to do. It took years to change my perspective on life. To find an inner peace that would let me be satisfied with who I am. The journey is long, and hard. And honestly, I’m still in the midst of this journey,  I may never reach the destination. But I will learn everyday about myself, I will educate others on the process of finding happiness, and I will follow this path until my heart feels content. Reaching out, I will find my way…pc2 2554
“Long is the way and hard, that out if Hell leads up to light” – John Milton
     You can read about my personal struggles in this page soon, when I start to add my poetry to it. And I will always write about and include my triumphs and failures. As well as my aching desire attain my goals. My adventures, travels and life destinations… I am always willing to share my love and passion for the outdoors with others willing to read it. Please, feel free to comment, I am inspired and motivated to write more when this happens.
 pc2 3364
“You can be motivated by success as well as failure” -Sasha Digiulian
     It’s sad that we have to make simple mistakes in life in order to learn how to live… We speak angry words of distention in bitter revenge, only to regret these moments once we see the entire picture. A choice dropped on a whim, actions we can’t take back. But later beg for forgiveness, realizing the loss belongs with us. We have no choice, but to move forward along a new, different path. Embracing the lessons we’ve learned, with hope we never duplicate our mistakes. And choose to believe that something good will spawn from these actions. Lost as we are, we discover an amazing new being. The truth is what now leads us on… Be the past, buried in a memory.
pc2 6160
     I had begun to climb again…

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