Moe’s Valley Bouldering, the motivation to recovery

moes valley 058     As I lay here on my couch with an aching abdomen, I feel as if I’m wasting away… I’ve only been up on the shelf for 2 days, but it feels like its been a month. All I am able to do is putt around the house and dream of getting back out in natural. I long to be climbing, hiking, or even just driving up a canyon. And I realize, you can only measure passion through experience.
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Though the surgery I have recently undergone was an outpatient surgery. And the recovery time is actually pretty quick. I don’t handle being complacent very well. I’m usually an extremely active person. I hit the climbing gym at least 2-4 times a week and try to get outdoors as much as possible. So being cooped up on my couch all day (even if it is just for 3-5 days) is driving me insane. And sanity is a virtue I can ill aford to lose.
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The operation was not by any means an emergency, I knew it was going to be needed. Why I decided to get it out of the way before the summer adventure season started up. After all, in less than 2 months, I plan to hike the Havasu Falls trail into the Grand Canyon. A hike I’ve been fantasizing about since I saw Columbia and the #omniten do it last June. Since then, I have met almost all of them, and have become convinced that Columbia products are as great as I remember from my youth. I actually still have an old Columbia coat I purchased in 2000. Though I do prefer my new Omniheat jacket. Just the liner from my Columbia Whirlibird jacket was enough to keep me warm when the sun went down.
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So in preparation for my surgery, I decided to take a few trips south to St. George to boulder in Moe’s Valley. I packed up the FJ, and took a drive by myself. Meeting up with my life long friend Sean Kenny, the man whom introduced me to climbing back in high school. Sean is easily one of my favorite climbing partners, mostly because he’s extremely encouraging, and far better than I am at it. Thus meaning he pushes me passed my limits. The man is inspirational, and has taught me many things about life and becoming whole as a person. Don’t tell him, but I look up to him the way a younger brother does an older sibling.
moes valley 074
As you can see, many photos were taken, and I even edited a short video of our time there. My passion for bouldering has increased 10 fold… So much so, that I think I might love it more than sport climbing. Moe’s Valley is a sweet little valley tucked out in the edge of the city limits, no more than a 10 minute drive from the main drag. The approach into Moe’s is an easy 5-20 minute walk to most every boulder in the valley. The sandstone is bomber and there is actually still vast room for expansion. I believe there could be quite a few more problems put up there in the next few years. After all, the place is BLOWING UP! We made a new friend while in the valley, Danielle even agreed to come back to the condo we were staying at and sleep on the couch. Cuz that how we roll… Mi Casa es Su Casa. We ran into Chad, Chris & Darren from The Front (the gym I climb at in slc). And also brought a few friends of my own along with. Climb on, Teton Sports, Black Diamond to spot.
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Though I was brought back to reality in my first “real” trip bouldering outdoors. Eventually I regained my abilities and sent 2-V5’s. and I realized, that projecting a problem outdoors is much harder than in the gym. But I am definitely looking forward to the challenge. The only real bummer is that the bouldering season at Moe’s will be too hot by the time I recover from surgery. So I hope you enjoy the video, and watch for more later in the year when I visit Joe’s Valley, and next winter when I return to Moe’s… Motivation to recovery.

As always, thanks for reading… And feel free to comment, criticize, or challenge me