Make Goals, NOT Resolutions

Sasha Digiulian & me

Sasha Digiulian & me

   As I sit here reminiscing over the past year. I realize it’s been mixed with highs and lows. In January, I met one of my climbing hero’s Sasha Digiulian. This was very humbling to see such a tiny person that crushes.

The Drum V5

The Drum V5

   February, I sent 2 V-5 problems in Moes Valley. In march I had Hernia surgery. A month later, in April I rolled my bosses truck on the Interstate.

First time I jumped off a waterfallMTB in Moab

First time I jumped off a waterfall

MTB in Moab

   In the beginning of May I hiked into Havasupai. One of the highlights of the year. And in June I descended Blue John canyon (the famous “Ralston route”) and MTB for the first time in Moab.

Dream Lake & Hallett Peak in RMNPThe crew making our way through The Subway

Dream Lake & Hallett Peak in RMNP
The crew making our way through The Subway

   July was a good time, almost sending a 5.12B. And taking a great vacation with my boys. We hiked the Subway (though the water was murky), and spent time in RMNP. It’s the best time to get to know my boys on a personal level.

Jordan & I looking down on Angels Landing from Observation Point #ZionHooligans

Jordan & I looking down on Angels Landing from Observation Point #ZionHooligans

   August I was supposed to hike the Narrows, but the canyon flashed. So we were detoured to hike Observation Point (not a bad back up plan). And we were dubbed the Zion Hooligans on that trip. I didn’t get outside much through September, too much work and many Utes football games. But I did manage to make a sunset hike to Lake Blanche with an awesome crew.

Sunset at Lake Blanche


Sunset at Lake Blanche


#Omniten... GREAT SUCCESS!!



   In October, my luck changed for the good. I received a Omniten invite, a #Terramartribe invite and hike Buckskin Gulch with a rad crew.

Buckskin Gulchcolumbia 146

Buckskin Gulch

   I finished the last 2 months of the year quietly. Saving my PTO and working to get myself in a position to make 2014 an epic year. The only cool thing I did, was start volunteering to do charity work, and FINALLY getting my passport.

    I had many goals in 2013. Some goals I was able to accomplish, and some are so far in the distant future, I’m unsure if they will ever be achieved..? I think about where I went wrong when creating said goals? And how I can improve in the coming year? In order to be successful, I came to a few conclusions or solutions to make achieving all my goals in 2014 possible…

So here are a few helpful hints to a winning formula (I hope):

     *Make goals not resolutions

     *Set realistic and affordable goals

     *Write down these goals and leave visible on a daily basis

     *Don’t make too many goals

     *Try to incorporate friends or family into your goals

     *Make a schedule or dates to meet your goals

     *Set goals that you will enjoy achieving

    So here’s to 2014, making new friends, achieving new goals and moving forward in life. Many of my goals for 2014 are already written down. Everything from building a woody in my garage, to staying in premium shape, to finally adventuring outside the US. I want to pay off most my bills and get debt free (minus house). Still need to hike the Narrows from top down, and want to send V7 outside. I need to re-roof my house, and I have already put money down to get a new tattoo. There are plenty of new places I long to visit in 2014, and many chores around the house I need to finish. Currently my list is about 30 different tasks, just over 2 a month. I believe I can achieve all of these… If the $$ is there.

Do you have any advice in how you achieve goals? Do you have any goals you have set for 2014 that you want to share?