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The #Omnigames by definition is: A series of challenges set forth by Columbia Sportswear for the #Omniten to compete against one another, leading up to a grand prize of 10 days in Jordan (yes, the country). I looked it up. We all had an idea of what we expected was going to happen. What types of challenges would be set for us, who would be our teammates, how each of us would perform, that we would be testing new gear. I for one had expected it to be season vs season. And for some reason I had a preconceived notion that’s the challenges would be mostly physical. NOTHING could have prepared us for what Columbia had in store for the games…

Photo courtesy of David Creech

Photo courtesy of David Creech

     Most all the #Omniten members from every season were able to make the travel to Park City, few had other engagements. and some had travel nightmares rain down upon them. Needless the say, 75% of the playaz were there. It began with everyone meeting at the No Name Bar on Main street. And Daniel telling everyone to move around and mingle, get to know your fellow #Omniten, not just the people from your season. There certainly was a reason for this. The evening was greeted with reunion hugs, hand shakes, and more hugs. Pictures after pictures, toasts and many smiles. It was so amazing to see all my old friends and making new ones, relationships that will last a lifetime. But after the bar, it was back to the hotel, back to bed for some. Early start the next day, hot tub time machine for others.

Photo courtesy of Gina Begin

Photo courtesy of Gina Begin

     After we all joined together in the hub for breakfast, in much anticipation, we waited to until 9am to find out what we were going to be doing. Daniel Green and Scott Trepanier explain to everyone how the #Omniten program was born, and that this was for “Life”, we would occasionally be invited along with Columbia Sportswear to be Trying stuff in different locations. And we would be getting free gear to test opportunely. And if that wasn’t good enough, they gave each and every one of us a brand new Turbo Down Jacket to test. Not due in stores until September and they weigh less than 1 pound for the “Gold” level. using 550-fill down and Omni-heat technology on the inside. They will be nicely affordable at any budget, and are 8 to 22% warmer than current down jackets on the market.

Christmas in January Turbo-DownTurbo-Down toss

Christmas in January
Turbo-Down toss

As soon as our little Christmas in January gift opening, we all piled onto the shuttles and made our way to an unknown ranch, where we were greeted by snow mobiles and dog sleds. And a lot of snow coming down. Our excitement increased ten fold. We went inside and the games had begun. Standing there listening to Daniel Green explaining the #Omnigames rules, I came to a realization. Everything I had done up to this point in my life has led me here. Every positive thing over the past few years, all the wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, the hard work I had put in, learning, listening, watching, Trying stuff… I had found my people.

photo courtesy of Anne Carney

photo courtesy of Anne Carney

It was unclear in my mind how I felt about competing against some of my best friends. You see, I’m a natural competitor. Inside every aspect of my life, I feel the need to compete. It is the fiber of my being. Although I longed to win the #Omnigames, I also felt a keen bond between the other competitors. And found myself rooting for them to do well. I mean, although I’m competitive by nature, I’m also a nurturer. I enjoy helping people. I was still under the impression it was going to be season vs season. And I have a love for many of the people on season 1. Boy was I wrong.

#Omniten Season 1 S4 rules the photo bomb

#Omniten Season 1
S4 rules the photo bomb

     The partner selection worked liked this. They split us into 2 groups: Fall & Spring. Then they picked a fall #Omniten to come up and draw a spring #Omniten member out of a hat. Thus the teams were born. There are only 15 teams, because only 30 #Omniten members were capable of making it in time. It’s unfortunate for a few that the weather didn’t check with our schedules.
Me and my awesome teammate @K8tlevy

Me and my awesome teammate @K8tlevy

     I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty stoked when I drew that paper out of the hat and read @K8tlevy. For those of you who might not be familiar with Katie, she is a super strong, competitive person that skis, climbs, hikes and is a cross-fit champion. She’s from Philly, so I knew she had to be tough. Hey, she’s #Omniten right…

Unfortunately, the first day was filled with skills that neither one of us ha any experience with. And barely any knowledge or know how. Having said that, I believe we did ok.

Day One:

Snowmobile Drive-By

– Snowmobiling to an archery range, where we would have 4 shots at a target. Archery style.

Hot Chocolate Run

– Starting a fire with supplies given, boil water, and making hot chocolate within a certain amount of time.

Our House

– Creating a shelter out of limited supplies given.

Needle In An Avalanche

– Avalanche scenario, using a Avy beacon to locate another beacon.

Dog Days Of Winter

– Riding a dog sled and learning all about sledding, followed by a test of memory.

I’m not going to lie, I got a bit nervous. These tasks were not in my comfort zone. I’m athletic, I like endurance, challenges of the physical sort. And I was counting on my teammate heavily to hopefully have knowledge in this arena…

If you want to find out what how we did on the challenges, please feel free to follow my blog and read again. I will be posting 2 more blogs before the week ends. And something special.

You can also check out the hashtags #Omniten or #Omnigames, or read one of the many other blogs by the #Omniten members.


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