What is #TryingStuff to you?

I threw out the idea to @K8tlevy that we should do a joint post on what #TryingStuff meant to use. We decided to write our own definitions of what we think #TryingStuff is, and put them together in a joint blog to sum up what our lives are about and how the entire #Omniten program has altered them forever. Here is what we came up with:

Being completely open to new experiences

When I got a mysterious box in the mail with an #OmniTen label on it back in the spring of 2012, I had no idea what to expect. Heck, I didn’t even know what “#OmniTen meant. All I knew was I’d been chosen to be a part of a team of ten passionate outdoors folk who are influential about adventure in the social media realm, and that I’d have the inside scoop on some of Columbia’s newest gear.

I didn’t know being part of the #OmniTen would send me into the mountains around Sedona, deep into the Grand Canyon, along trails to stunning waterfalls, or to Utah to take Columbia’s phrase “#TryingStuff” to a whole new level in the #OmniGames. I didn’t know I’d meet a group of the most adventurous, inspiring people who had the potential to become lifelong friends.

To me, a big part of #TryingStuff means opening yourself up to the possibility of finding adventure, inspiration, friendship, and meaning in new and unexpected places.


To me, #TryingStuff is taking your experience to a whole new level. Breaking out of the cookie cutter mold your life has so long since been apart of, and getting outside, getting anywhere and experiencing life. See new places, explore something you never would’ve thought you would do before. Step outside the box, even if for just a minute, you will never regret #TryingStuff, even if it doen’t always have the results you were hoping for, just begin Trying more. Life is an adventure, experience it.

Being willing to put it all on the line

#TryingStuff means taking risks. It’s walking a tightrope 55 feet off the ground when you’re terrified. It’s flying thousands of miles from home and not sleeping for 36 hours to spend four days with a big group of people you’ve never met. It’s sharing incredibly personal struggles and stories with the world. It’s being inspired to travel the world. It’s moving to a new state to chase your dreams. It’s being willing to grow, even when you’re not sure what that growth looks like. #TryingStuff is a lifestyle, and that lifestyle is a big part of what made the #OmniTen and the #OmniGames such a success.


Everything about #TryingStuff is being unique. That means being yourself, even if you’re not accepted, your respected. There’s nothing worse than being ordinary. An ordinary life is a boring life. If you’re not challenging yourself, you’re not living. Life has chains, society has chains, break the chains, go beyond the limits and begin #TryingStuff. Try taking a hike alone, Living in your car to find adventure. Heck, just try writing down how you feel on a daily basis, discover yourself. Test your boundaries. That’s the definition of #TryingStuff. No matter what you do, always be willing to try again. Nothing can ever be bad if your #TryingStuff

Remember “If you don’t challenge yourself, who will?”

Breaking the mold with innovation

“Innovation” is defined as “the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods,” and Columbia’s been innovating for nearly a century. Originally dubbed the Columbia Hat Company, The Columbia Sportswear we know today is what it is as a result of a #TryingStuff mentality. From being the first to introduce the Gore-Tex™ parka in 1975 to creating a technology that makes it possible for clothing to cool you off, Columbia continues to push the envelope with respect to innovation in gear and apparel. Not all of the gear is perfect, but some of what I’ve seen over the past two years has absolutely blown me away.

And innovation, #TryingStuff, goes beyond outdoor products. To me, the creation of the #OmniTen program – a completely unique grassroots approach to getting gear in the hands of real people willing to test it, retest it, and share honest opinions in a variety of public forums – is the epitome of Trying Stu


The best part of #TryingStuff is the connections you make doing it. Since I’ve really put myself out in the open #TryingStuff, I’ve met a whole range of new life long friends. Someone who designs tents and packs, a single mom who climbs off-widths… with her kids. A girl who lives in her car traveling North America and writing about it. Someone who moved all the way across the country to a remote town in Wyoming. And now a Canadian with a love for life beyond anyone I’ve met. I’ve seen new and interesting places, and experienced life… Even if it’s just been in small doses thus far.

Through out my experiences of #TryingStuff, the one constant is my love for #IntroducingStuff to new people. I love sharing my experiences with others, and bringing them along for the ride. I wouldn’t trade this for anything. Through #TryingStuff I found my people, I found my place in this world and I live to experience. I Experience via my Imagination, and I’m Adventure Inspired… I have dreams, I love my new Omni-family… I am #Omniten!


2 comments on “#TryingStuff

  1. Great idea to combine your thoughts! Trying stuff should be the essence of our lives. I realize how important trying stuff is when working with a bunch of 3-5 yr olds. And I love that even as adults we continue trying stuff. Loved your post but loved meeting you guys even more :)!

    • Michelle, it was absolutely amazing meeting you. Thanks for the comment and reading. You are an inspiration, and if there were more people like you in this world, it would be a much better place than it already can be. I wish we could’ve spent more time together, but I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of each other. Let’s make this summer happen when you & Mike hit the open road, and I will keep you informed on the Michigan trip. Would love to meet up for and extra day of adventure with some of my kickass East Coast people. Your awesome, let me know if you need anything… I mean ANYTHING

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