Mountain Khakis Review

Erika Wiggins and I getting ready to ride the Mountain Coaster

Erika Wiggins and I getting ready to ride the Mountain Coaster

Mountain Khakis:

My initial thought when I opened the Mountain Khakis postal package, was what a wonderful smell.. It had the scent of a freshly opened pack of gum. I’m not sure why? It just smelled wonderful. Upon inspecting the clothing articles sent to me, I noticed that I had ordered the MK Rendezvous Hoodie and the Original Mountain Pants that I had seen at this years summer #ORshow.

You see, I made this connection with a PR rep for MK, at OR. I was browsing around the tent section at OR by myself and I stopped to grab one of their awesome MK beer coozies (it sports the Wyoming flag on it). Laura and I began talking and she agreed to show me their line. We exchanged information, and she informed me of their ambassador program. I’ve always liked the appearance of their clothing line, a sleek casual look for the outdoor industry. But until now, I didn’t know how comfortable they were.Striking a pose at the Zion NP sign wearing the MK Rendezvous Hoodie

Striking a pose at the Zion NP sign wearing the MK Rendezvous Hoodie

     After a quick back and forth through email, Laura gave me the info on the ambassador program, and asked if I would be interested in reviewing a couple of articles? I was thrilled at the opportunity, but being that these items were more cold weather based. I wanted to be sure to out them to an accurate test.Rendezvous Hoodie keeping me warm and dry in The Donut Falls Cave

Rendezvous Hoodie keeping me warm and dry in The Donut Falls Cave

So here is what I thought of the MK Rendezvous Hoodie, and Original Mountain Pants:

MK Rendezvous Hoodie

A sleek, classy looking hoodie. Stylish, with thumb holes and a comfortable hood. A zip up collar with rollover chin guard. It’s 100% Merino Wool, easily washable and comes in 3 colors – Black, Clear Blue and Rooster Red.  With 3 pockets that zip up, two for your hands and a 3rd Napoleon pocket at chest level. Wonderful for day hiking in cooler temps, keeping you comfortable at the crag, or just casual wear around the town.

Likes: Looks great, stylish and comfortable. Light weight, yet warm. And did I mention thumb holes. Fits excellent, exposing your personal physique.

Dislikes: The Price. Retails at $159.95. Definitely not for the dirtbag on a budget.

MK Original Mountain Pants

The other item I receive to do a review on is the Original Mountain Pants – Broadway Fit. A durable pant, that’s comfortable and fashionable for any outdoors enthusiast. 100% cotton canvas , with reinforced heel cuffs and triple stitched seams. Making them extra strong. With plenty of pocket space and easy to wash because they are cotton. The fit is natural and flawless to size and you can also get them Flannel Lined for just a little bit more. Great for work and outdoor play. And they come in 5 different colors. But the price can be a bit steep at $79.95, they are worth it considering the durability.

Likes: Comfortable, strong and extremely sharp-looking. The reinforced heels work great since I prefer my pants a little longer at the inseam. And the cotton makes it breathable.

Dislikes: Because it is cotton canvas, they are not as stretchable. Until they are well-worn in, they can be a little stiff. Harder to rock climb in, but they will soften up after a few washes.

Overall: Worth the money spent if you have it. Great products.

Erika Wiggins and I enjoying Oktoberfest at Snowbird

Erika Wiggins and I enjoying Oktoberfest at Snowbird

I am not currently an ambassador for MK. I was asked to review a couple of articles as an independent blogger. In no way did Mountain Khakis offer anything or influence my review. The opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone.


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