5ten Rogues

Joes valley 095














     In my youth, I had a pair of 5Ten Razors, they were my favorite shoes for edging. And though I really loved those 5Ten’s, I somehow started climbing in a competing brand. And didn’t own another pair of 5Ten’s until I was asked if I would be interested in reviewing some of the new Rogue’s. I’m relatively new to doing gear reviews, but I jumped at the chance to review a product in relation to the sport I so love.

Me sending Kelly's Arete' v5 in Joes Valley

Me sending Kelly’s Arete’ v5 in Joes Valley












     Now I would be lying if I told you i didn’t have some false pretenses about the shoes I was about to review. They looked like solid shoes, but seemed like the style lead more towards crack climbing. And anyone who knows me, knows I’m a sport climber/boulderer. I was hoping for a SUPER aggressive shoe, something with a down turned toe and a love bump. Something I could get on steep sport routes with. Honestly, I couldn’t have been more wrong. So much, that I have only climbed in one other pair of climbing shoes (another brand I am reviewing) since receiving the Rogues. That statement goes for gym and rock.
Joes valley 092













     I have literally fallen in love with these 5Ten’s. This company has always made some high quality products, and I’m not sure why I never gave them another chances? I guess because I found something I liked, and if it’s not broken, why fix it? But guess what? I’m ready to make the switch back. 5Ten has completely won me over.

Classic problem The Angler v2

Classic problem The Angler v2



























     I would recommend these shoes to any new climber looking to get into the sport, and to seasoned climbers as well. At a mere $100 retail, how can you go wrong. Great for gym climbing, especially if you don’t want to destroy the rubber on your $170 pair of super aggressive shoes. They come in a Lace up and Velcro (my favorite). And 3 separate colors, green (lace), blue and purple (women’s) are Velcro. As I mentioned before, probably a great shoe for crack climbing. They worked well for me on a few crack boulder problems in Joes Valley. But that’s not really my thing, so further testing might be needed to confirm that. I did however send Kelly’s Arête (v5) while wearing the Rogues. And quite a few technical v4 problems. They’ve done me well also in the sport world, though I haven’t gotten out on rope as much as if like.
In the gym, they are fantastic. Super comfortable, easy to put on and remove… AHHH Velcro rules! They say that this shoe is form-fitting, and I concur. Sizing is mostly accurate, though I would recommend a half-size smaller than normal for you, they do stretch quite a bit. With Stealth rubber (I’m a believer it’s the stickiest) you can smear anywhere, and the edging ability is superb. These shoes are very similar to the Anasazi’s. I don’t usually give a star rating, but if I were to rate the Rogues, 4.5 stars out of 5. I will get another pair of these awesome shoes when mine wear out.














The Good: The price $100 – cheap for climbing shoes. Super comfortable, easy to get on/off. And the rubber is super soft and sticky.

Smurf Feet

Smurf Feet












The Bad: Only one thing… After inning in my Rogues for nearly 6 months, they still dye me feet blue when I sweat in them. It actually looks like some cool weird tattoo.
Joes 019













Overall: The Rogues are an awesome new climbing shoe. Everything you want when getting into this sport. No one wants to waste $150 on shoes and maybe not even stick with the sport. Great for beginners, and crushers. And all around awesome shoe. Perfect for the gym, but good on the rock.

Here’s a link if you want to check out the styles and specs.


I am not currently an ambassador for 5Ten. I was asked to review these shoes as an independent blogger. I received this product for free, in return I agreed to test it and review it. In no way did this offer influence my review. The opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone

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