Kuhl Wunderer shirt & Renegade pants

Kuhl Wunderer shirt

Kuhl Wunderer shirt

















     Anyone who climbs with me knows what a fan I am of Kuhl clothing (that’s pronounced cool, and it’s German for cool). I find their pants to be the absolute best when it comes to climbing. So last winter ORshow I made an appointment with them. I was really hoping to make a long-lasting friendship, as well as see what awesome new products they had coming out. I was not disappointed one bit.
     They offered to send me a few articles to review, I jumped at the chance. You see, I already owned 2 pairs of their Krux shorts, and 2 pairs of their pants. I didn’t need convincing that their stuff was quality as well as comfortable. But wasn’t going to pass up a chance to see what their shirts were all about. Generously, they agreed to send me 2 shirts and another pair of pants.

First off, the long sleeve button down Wunderer:review 007



















     What an awesome shirt. Easily my favorite button down I have ever owned. SERIOUSLY! I absolutely love this shirt, and I wasn’t the only one. Both my father and brother-in-law told me they wanted one. Easy enough Christmas gift. The sleeves are conveniently rolled up with button straps to keep them up. It is 100% nylon and under the arms is a stylish, yet breathable mesh that allows you to stay comfortable even in hot weather. With UPF 50 and a security pocket that zips up. Not to mention the awesome choice of the color white. This shirt would look great on the beach, in the backyard BBQ, on a cruise or nice day hike. It comes in 4 different colors: White, Carbon, Pirate Blue and Khaki. Retails for $70.

The Goondocks! The actual house that GOONIES was filmed in

The Goondocks! The actual house that GOONIES was filmed in












Likes: EVERYTHING! Seriously, I love this shirt, and I highly recommend it to every guy looking to add a little casual style to their wardrobe. And you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for mature styling.

Dislikes: NOTHING! Maybe that the white color will eventually get stained. I only say that because I took it hiking in the rain, and the green leaves began to run. But I was able to get that out of the shirt. But easy enough, don’t buy white. I will of-course wear the heck out of mine until that day comes.

Overall: An awesome and smart purchase even at the price. You will not regret it. Style and sophistication added to your look, what a small price for that beauty.
Second the Renegade pants:

The Kuhl Renegade pants work great for belaying too

The Kuhl Renegade pants work great for belaying too
























     About a year ago, I was comfort shopping at REI. Just browsing around, looking for a reason to drop more money on some gear I may or may not have even needed. I found a pair of Kuhl pants on the discount rack. They were the perfect size, the material felt awesome and they seemed to be impeccable for climbing. Durability, with just the right amount of stretch, so I bought them. Immediately, I fell in love.

     When Kuhl asked if I would be interested in reviewing some clothing, I couldn’t say no. Naturally, I wasn’t disappointed. I found the Renegade pants to be just as awesome for climbing and long distance hiking when it’s a bit Kuhl out (see what I did there). Honestly, I haven’t found a better pant for climbing. Also great for just lounging around the house, or getting some yard work done.
Oregon 016














     It has multiple pockets even one specifically for your cellphone. With the durable stretchy Tufflex fabric (developed by Kuhl). It’s quick drying with UPF 50, and a perfect fit. Kuhlair vent system keeping your skin Kuhl. Made from nylon and spandex. And comes in 4 great colors: Carbon, Khaki, Brown and Breen. Retails for $79

Likes: Comfortable… I mean REALLY comfortable. The stretch-ability is great, and the fit is amazing. And they look extremely stylish. Super light weight.

Dislikes: There’s not much here. The price could be a little more affordable, but I would pay it anyway for these pants. Only bad thing I can say is the interior button came off after a about 10 uses.

Overall: I would buy these pants over and over again. Kuhl has gotten these exactly right.

Super stretchy

Super stretchy

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