Adidas Outdoor Terrex Scope GTX

Kemry testing the water curability of these Adidas Outdoor Terrex Scope in Oneonta Gporge Oregon

Kemry testing the water curability of these Adidas Outdoor Terrex Scope in Oneonta Gorge Oregon






























     As some of you have known, I have been getting more familiar with gear reviewed as of late. And though at times it gets hectic and a bit overwhelming when you take on more products than you might be able to handle. But it still makes for a great reason to go out and adventure.

California Redwoods NP

California Redwoods NP















     So when Adidas Outdoor sent me a pair of the Terrex Scope GTX shoes, I was more than happy to test them out. After all, Adidas Outdoor just purchased 5Ten. And you know how much I love 5Ten. See how these things hold up. When I first got them, I thought the fit was a little big, but would be ok once I had a thicker sock like some of my wool hiking socks. But after a few days of wearing them around, I realized they were much too big and would only get worse when completely broken in. So I passed them off onto my oldest son Kemry to test them out and give me his feedback. I know that sounds weird, but the kid is already as tall as I am. And his feet are about a size larger than mine, so it worked out ok. And I didn’t think it would be a good idea to try to exchange them once I had already used them a bit.

Great sticky STEALTH rubber

Great sticky STEALTH rubber














     So I had Kemry bring them along on our west coast trip. That way he could give them some good miles in Redwood NP, throughout Oregon’s state parks on the coast, the Gorge, and Crater Lake. It felt like a good variety of terrain. Between the sandy coast, the tree and mountains in NorCal/Central Oregon and water hikes of the Gorge. We even got in a desert hike in Smith Rock up Misery ridge.

Checking out how they handle the desert element at Smith Rock

Checking out how they handle the desert element at Smith Rock














     I have to say, judging by the appearance the shoes after the trip, they have held up nicely. Of course only time will tell on that on. But any one who has children knows how hard they on them and if they last 6 months it would be a new record for my son. These particular shoes are made with GORE-TEX but are fairly breathable. And come in Black/Blue and a Black/Green color combinations. The fit does seem to be a bit large, and they have a protective toe rand that is suitable for scrambling approaches. When I asked him how they performed, he said “They were great”…? I had to remind myself I was dealing with a youth. So questioned needed to be more yes/no. So I asked him a series of questions, and got, um… Better answers.

Were they comfortable? YES

Did they fit your feet? YES

Do you like the style? They’re ok looking

Was the Stealth rubber sticky? I didn’t slip when hiking through the water

He must have liked these, he wore them almost everywhere

He must have liked these, he wore them almost everywhere































     Overall, what did you think of them? They made me like Adidas more…
Explanation: This kid is a high school football player. He thinks the world revolves around the BIG 2 shoe apparel companies in that field.

Likes: These shoes have the ABSOLUTE BEST rubber in my opinion Stealth rubber (same as on 5Ten shoes). Very athlete with a cutting edge look. Appearance might not be for everyone. Drained very well when we hiked through ankle to waist deep water in Oneonta Gorge.

Dislikes: Short shoelaces. Hard to double knot them. Constantly kept untying due to this. Low to mid top, so not great ankle support for steep down hill hikes. Looks might be too cutting edge and modern for some.

Overall: Good overall approach shoe. Awesome for scrambling over rocks, and walking across wet stones with amazing sticky rubber. And personally, I like the look.

Price – Around $160


I am not currently an ambassador for Adidas Outdoor. I was asked to review a couple of articles as an independent blogger. I received this product for free, in return I agreed to test it and review it. In no way did this offer influence my review. The opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine alone

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