Review: 5Ten HiAngles – The Best Shoe I’ve ever owned

LLC in Autumn PC: Gina Begin

LLC in Autumn
PC: Gina Begin

August 2014, the 5ten introduced the HiAngles at Summer ORshow. I had reviewed a pair of the 5ten Rogues, and I was so impressed with the stickiness of the rubber, and the performance of a flat shoe, that when I was asked to test a pair of the HiAngles I jumped at the chance. Mostly because I absolutely love the stealth rubber the 5ten uses, but also because the HiAngles have more of a downturn toe, and are definitely a more aggressive pair of shoes than the Rogues.


Bowling Ball v4 – Joes Valley PC: Jordan Katter

Their performance is absolutely stunning. Being that I am primarily a Boulderer/Sport Climber, who climbs a lot in the gym. The shoes are a perfect fit for my style. In fact the only issue i have with the HiAngles is they use the same blue leather that the Rogues use. Which means after a nice session at the gym, or on a hot sweaty day your feet will be died a nice Smurf blue color.

SMH @ Jk's spotting style PC: Gina Begin *Wearing 5Ten Rogues in this pic

SMH @ Jk’s spotting style
PC: Gina Begin
*Wearing 5Ten Rogues in this pic

There is literally nothing about the shoe that I am not impressed with as far as performance goes. They heel hook amazing, the edging performance is ideal for thin face climbing. The downturn toe works amazing on super steep Boulder problems, and the love bump is ideal for a great toe drag/hook keeping complete control. The fit is pretty much true to size, in fact I found you do not need to size down a size or even a half-size. It pulls on like a slipper, but has one Velcro strap on the top making it extra secure as time goes on. Because we all know that slippers tend to loosen up a bit after a lot of use.

Twisted v4 - LCC PC: Jordan Katter

Twisted v4 – LCC
PC: Jordan Katter

I’ve used these shoes in all kinds of terrain. The gym, Bouldering on sandstone and granite, sport climbing on limestone and Quartz. And I really did a quality test on them. Not just using them for a month and slam out a review. No, I’ve had them for the better part of a year. And I can honestly say, these the best shoes I have ever had. I LOVE THE HIANGLES!!

Kellys Arete v5 - Joes Valley PC: Haley Dahle

Kellys Arete v5 – Joes Valley
PC: Haley Dahle

With a $150 price point. They are $30 cheaper than most aggressive shoes. And have Stealth rubber… What are you waiting for? I’ve even seen them online for as low as $120. You should feel guilty about paying that price.

What I liked: Pretty much everything! The rubber, comfort, the look, the fit. And the adjustable Velcro strap giving more foot control.

What I disliked: Simple, they dye your feet blue.. (Not really that big a deal)

Smurf Feet PC: Haley Dahle

Smurf Feet
PC: Haley Dahle

Overall: Best shoes I’ve ever owned. And I’ve owned many different brands and style in my near 20 years climbing. Aggressive, yet comfortable. Edging control, without sacrificing steep movement. They should have called these shoes the 5ten Beta…


I am not currently an ambassador for 5ten. I was asked to review a these HiAngles as an independent blogger. I received this product for free, in return I agreed to test it and review it. In no way did this offer influence my review. The opinions expressed in this review are mine and mine aloneReview

5Ten HiAngles

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Kill By Numbers v5 - Joes Valley PC: Beth Lakin

Kill By Numbers v5 – Joes Valley
PC: Beth Lakin

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